Our mission is to rescue unloved or unwanted dogs at risk of being put down and to train them for adoption.

Help us make a difference. 

Our Mission

Every year in the US alone, 390,000 dogs are euthanised in shelters. We want to rescue unloved and unwanted dogs who are at risk and provide them with training and a loving family environment so that they can live full and happy lives either with us or in their forever homes. 


We Locate dogs in need of rescue and bring them back to Spandow house.


Donations are used to treat medical conditions, feed and train the dogs.


We find loving homes to adopt our dogs forever.

Hello! We're Amy & Ian Spandow.

We founded Spandow House after volunteering for several years as a foster home in the SF Bay Area. 

In 2021 we moved to our new home near Grass Valley. We are continuously developing the land into a paradise for dogs where we will provide a safe & happy home for as many as possible.

Currently our fosters have 3 fenced acres to roam, explore and play. We have plans to fence all 9 acres and add a play & rehab pool.

We stand against the neglect or mis-treatment of all animals and defend dogs who have no say in their destiny.

We Rescue... Rehabilitate.. Rehome..

Our Method

Our method is to introduce our rescues to our pack and let them be dogs. We have a very savvy pack who understand that animals joining our home are here for a reason. We believe the company of confident dogs and loving humans can rehabilitate almost any abuse or neglect in all cases.

We allow new dogs space and time, as simple as that. We show affection to our own dogs and the new foster typically comes to us within a few hours, or days. Extreme cases have taken months to allow affection or contact, and that’s just fine with us. 

Our goal is to gently introduce nervous or abused dogs into a loving family environment so they can be prepared for their forever homes. We train all our fosters so they have basic commands and will sleep happily in a crate overnight. Our home has dog-savvy cats and most rescues will be adjusted to living with cats. 

Adopt a Dog

We currently have 4 wonderful rescued dogs ready for their forever home. Click here see their rescue-story videos.

We need your help..

Can you help us rescue and rehabilitate more dogs like Sage before it’s too late?
We currently work to fund the dogs ourselves but with your help we can achieve our goal of helping over 1000 dogs get rehabilitated. 

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